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Dear Conneaut Community,

I am honored to serve as the Superintendent of Schools for the Conneaut Area City Schools and I am committed to our success as we move forward into a new and challenging academic year. 

Alan Blankstein’s book “Failure is NOT an Option” explains the six (6) principles in making student success the only option.  Those principles are;

  1. Common Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  2. Ensuring Achievement for All Students – Systems for Prevention and Intervention
  3. Collaborative Teaming Focused on Teaching for Learning
  4. Data-Based Decision Making for Continuous Improvement
  5. Gaining Active Engagement from Family and Community
  6. Building Sustainable Leadership Capacity

As a District, we will begin the implementation of these six (6) principles and continue to focus our attention on academic achievement for all of our students. An important part of the planning for this year and years to come will be a focus on preparing an academic master plan based upon these six (6) principles to help guide us in planning programs and related services. In this ever-changing world, we must be prepared to continue our excellence and to meet new demands as we help our students attain academic and post-secondary success.

As teachers and administrators, we are re-thinking and reviewing the way our schools operate. Expectations are very high and we are working extremely hard to meet the academic requirements of the Ohio Department of Education. Our teachers have become data specialists, they have exemplary knowledge of their content areas, they clearly understand how students learn, and they are highly motivated and committed to the success of every student


As a District, and a community, we must work together to create an environment requiring our students to be all that they can be, to have a chance for unparalleled levels of school success, to develop a great work ethic, and to make the Conneaut Area City Schools a lifetime path of learning and success!



Michael Notar, Superintendent

Conneaut Area City Schools 

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