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Intervention Specialist for the Conneaut Digital Academy.

Phone: 440-593-7210

     Can be contacted via phone

    Monday - Friday

                  7 a.m. till 7:30 a.m.

                  11 a.m. till 11:45 a.m.


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If you are unsure what to do to be successful, please click the link Conneaut Digital Academy under My Classrooms to the right.


Do you not have Microsoft Word or Publisher? We can help you become successful in your classes. You can download VMWARE onto your home computer using the following steps.

Click on this link.

Under the section forms, technology you will find a link explaining how to do install VMWARE
Install VMWare View
Installing the view client will allow you to access your work pc at home.

Under the section links, technology you will find the link to download install VMWARE.
VMWare View Client Download
Software used for staff to connect to their district systems from remote locations.

Now, when you install this on your desktop an ICON will appear for VMWARE. When you click on this it will give you a username area and password. User name is first intitial middle initial and last name. Password would be 123456 (You will need to change this.) If it does not let you, you must call our technology department at 593-7200. It may be you never submitted an internet form and if that is the case you will need to come to the high school front office to get one to sign and turn back in after all parties have signed the form.




Hi, my name is Jennifer Luczak. I am currently in my 12th year of teaching for Conneaut Area City Schools. During the 2012-2013 school year, I had the pleasure to work in the Conneaut Digital Academy. I am continuing this adventure for the 2013-2014 school year. Prior to this, I have had the pleasure of working in the high school for 9 years with 1 year at the middle school. The subject I like the most is mathematic.There is just something about numbers and equations.

I attended Edinboro University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education (Elementary and Special Education). I enjoy learning that I decided to return to Edinboro University and received a Master's of Education in Reading and a Post Master's with a K-12 Principal Certification.
One may ask why I chose teaching. When I was in high school, I looked into nursing and teaching. As most young people, my idea of a career changed. I remember at one point I wanted to become a lawyer. My mother, Judith, is a retired nurse, while my father, John, was a teacher. My mother and I discussed different careers during my junior and senior year of high school. It was at that point that she encouraged me to go for teaching and not nursing. I listened to my mother and pursued a career as a teacher. I am thankful that I listened to her and work for Conneaut Area City Schools. The staff I work with is like family. We are always there to help someone when there is a need. One of the greatest joys about working for this district is watching students learn and grow as individuals.
I am a proud parent of three boys, Ryan - 19 years of age, Christopher - 13 years of age and Hayden - 1 year of age. My husband, Gregory and I are adjusting to having a toddler around the house. I am very active in watching my children participate in various activities. However, I have always enjoyed watching Conneaut's football games and basketball games. Not only does the district have some very talented young people but also a community that supports the activities our students enjoy.

NCLB Teacher Qualifications


Procedures for Conneaut Digital Academy when a 2-hour delay is in effect. Please reference the chart below to know what time your student is expected to be in school.


NORMAL TIME                      2 HOUR DELAY

8 – 11                                     10 – 11:45


NORMAL TIME                      2 HOUR DELAY

12:00 – 2:45                           1 – 2:45                     

REMINDER: Your student must be here at the starting time or they are tardy.

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