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Research Project

Band Research Report
As part of your second semester grade you will be required to write a research report for band. There are several topics to choose from below to allow you to write about what interests you most.
So requirements for the research paper are:
1.     Each paper must be typed.
2.     Each paper must be at least 2-3 pages in length.
3.     Each paper must be double spaced.
4.     Only Times New Roman, 12 point font with regular margins are to be used.
5.     Each paper must include a works cited page, which does not count towards the total length of the paper.
6.     An outline must be turned in with your paper (see attached example).
Any paper lacking anything from the above list WILL NOT be accepted!
Topics to select from for all classes:
·        Your Day in Music History: look up websites that list what happened on your birthday in music history and write about the events that happened. This does not just have to be the year you were born, it is all years on the date you were born. You must try to include one piece of classical music history in your paper.
·        My Birthday Song: Go to the website and find your birthday and birth year and write about the song that was on top of the “Billboard Top 100” charts on the day you were born.
Topics to select from for 7th and 8th Grade:
·        Dinosaurs: Research one or more of the dinosaurs mentioned in “A Prehistoric Suite” and include how the music portrays that dinosaur.
·        Clouds: There are three types of clouds mentioned in “Clouds,” research how they are different and include how they are portrayed in the piece of music.
·        Japanese Folk Music: Research Japanese folk music and the history of music in Japan.
·        Aliens: Research encounters with aliens throughout history. What is the evidence showing they are real or they are not.
Topics to select for 6th Grade:
·        Native American Music: Research Native American music, especially the Anasazi. How does it sound? What instruments do they use? How does it related to “Anasazi.”
·        The Planets: Research the planets of the solar system. How are they different? Is there a tenth planet? How are new planets discovered? What other music about planets has been written?

Outline for Papers
1.      Introduction
a.      Intro sentence
b.      Basic info
c.       Transition sentence
2.      Information Paragraph One
a.      Statement 1 (include source information)
b.      Statement 2 (include source information)
c.       Statement 3 (include source information)
3.      Information Paragraph Two
a.      Statement 1 (include source information)
b.      Statement 2 (include source information)
c.       Statement 3 (include source information)
4.      Conclusion
a.      First sentence
b.      Concluding statement
c.       Closing sentence
How to Write a Works Cited Page

Your works cited page is a page at the end of your paper that lists all of your resources for writing this paper. Use the formats below to cite different kinds of sources.
Web page:
Cornell University Library. "Introduction to Research." Cornell University Library. Cornell University, 2009. Web. 19 June 2009 <>.
Personal Web site:
If a work is untitled, you may use a genre label such as Home page, Introduction, etc.
Rule, Greg. Home page. Web. 16 Nov. 2008.
Entry in an online encyclopedia:
"Einstein, Albert." Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1999. Web. 27 Apr. 2009.
No author or editor:
Peterson's Annual Guides to Graduate Study. 33rd ed. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's, 1999. Print.
Blistein, Elmer M., Leicester Bradner. The Drama of the Renaissance: Essays for Leicester Bradner. Providence: Brown University Press, 1970. Print.
One author:
Nabokov, Vladimir. Lolita. New York: Putnam, 1955. Print.

Web 2.0 Resource
Each paper must include two web 2.0 resource as part of the project. Everyone must do a Wordle. Choose one other project from one of the websites below Wordle, enter the required information and print off the web 2.0 resource and include it with your project.

Using the text of your paper, copy it into Wordle to see the main points of your paper.

Create a short presentation (a minute or less) that tells the main content of your paper. Don't print your avatar but include the link to your presentation on your works cited page.

Create a presentation using pictures about your project. The Express option may work best for your time frame. Make sure you include the link on your works cited page.

Use this program to create a poster about your paper. I would expect that there is more than just pictures on your poster...

Comic Creator
Use this to create a quick 6 panel comic on your paper. Remember to print it when you are done.

Museum Box
Create a Museum box about the topic of your paper.

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