Player Expectations

Player Responsibilities
1. All players will treat teammates, coaches, teachers, administration, officials and opponents with dignity and respect. Depending on the severity of the disrespect, a player may be suspended from a game, or be dismissed from the team.
2. All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team.  Each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance, respect, and friendship. Failure to do so will result in suspension or dismissal from team.
3. All players will provide maximum effort in practice and games. This ultimately decides playing time in games.
4. Attendance at all practices, team meetings, and games is mandatory. While injured players may be unable to play, they are still expected to arrive on time, listen to coaches, and encourage teammates and assist the team. They will also be given extra duties to help with practice or game management.
5. In very rare situations, players may be excused from games and/or practices. When this occurs, players are responsible for informing the coach verbally through a phone call or meeting at the earliest possible time.
6. When players miss practices and/or games, playing time in future games will be affected. Missing practice means missing preparation.
7. Unexcused absences are absences in which the coach was not informed in the manner described above. And/or the reason was for the absence is not satisfactory. An unexcused absence from practice and/or game will result in the suspension of the player from the next game in which the player is eligible to play.
8. Players are to be on time for all practices and games. Tardiness will affect playing time in games. Chronic lateness may result in suspension of the player. If player is tardy and unexcused they will sit the 1st half of the next game.
9. Players are expected to directly seek understanding and resolution when questions or problems arise with coaches and teammates.
10. Players will conduct their personal lives in a manner that brings honor to themselves and the team. This includes school performances, self-respect, healthy behaviors and social responsibility.
11. The players must ride the bus to athletic contests. This is a board policy. Missing the bus means missing the game. They cannot be driven to the contest.
12. The players are to ride the bus home with the team. This is a time for bonding with teammates. Coaches will also make announcements. In rare cases a player may ride home with parent but they must have a written note signed by our athletic administrator.
13. All players must refrain from using or being around those who are using drugs and alcohol. Any possession out of season will result in a suspension of 20% of the games for the next season. Any possession in season will result in dismissal from the team. This also applies for constructive possession. If you are knowingly at a party with drugs and alcohol you are guilty. Even if you are not using them. Playing a team sport is a big responsibility. Everyone plays an important role. You need to understand that being thrown off the team does not only affect you but every other player as well. Do not put yourself in bad situations. If you show up and see this is going on then leave immediately. Call your parents. If you don’t have a ride, call me and I will make arrangements.
14. All players must be in school all day to participate in practice or game that evening unless an excuse is brought into school. If unexcused to school then that means an unexcused absence from practice or game.
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