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The most recent budget that was adapted by the state legislature allocated over 600 million dollars of Ohio taxpayer money for the promotion of Charter schools. That’s correct. OVER 600 MILLION DOLLARS to promote charter schools at the expense of public school districts.
Since increased accountability on every level is demanded for public schools, it should be incumbent upon the current legislation to demonstrate how that investment paid off. The worth of that investment can be debated ad nauseam in the polarized political environment we live in. Rather than debate it, maybe we should just look at the recently released data from this week. It is for your review below.
Why isn’t the media questioning the legislators who approved this investment in charter schools while at the same time siphoning dollars away from public districts? The data compares apples to apples and it would seem that our communities’ much maligned public districts compare very favorably. We are proponents of choice when it is in the best interest of students, but shouldn’t the choice be a good one?

                                                 Public              Charters
Excellent with Distinction                   138 or 23%             4 or 1%
Excellent                                                249 or 41%            26 or 7%
Effective                                                172 or 28%             54 or 15%
Continuous Improvement                    38 or 6%               96 or 27%
Academic Watch                                   11 or .01%            55 or 16%
Academic Emergency                            2 or .003%           66 or 19%
Courtesy of my friends -  Lorain County Superintendents

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